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Poems on this page include: I Was A Stranger, Keeper Of My Soul, Morning Prayer, and My Goal.

I Was A Stranger

I was traveling in a strange land

      Knowing not how I came to be,

Watched others and did as they did

      Searching for the home-land of me.


I followed the exciting beat,

      The jungled thought and earthly clan,

My feet were wet from marshy soil

      And I was lost in this strange land.


Weary, soiled, lost and confused

      I paused to ask help one day

And saw this beautiful river

      And suddenly knew my way.


Freely flows the living waters;

      I shall never be lost any more

So green the grass beneath my feet

      I love to walk this wondrous shore.


Angel, at the bend, stand aside

      For I have treasures to bring,

You shall take prey from the jungle,

      I have a pass to meet my king.


Keeper Of My Soul


I, keeper of my mortal

       Worked with much care

Trying to replace

       Things missing there.


I dieted when too fat,

       Ate more when too lean,

Made certain to relax

       In water that was clean.


One day I heard a call

       In the thoughts of me,

Do you think this is all,

       What about the life to be?


Keeper of my mortal

       Seemed to be my only goal

Until I found the way

       To be keeper of my soul.

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Morning Prayer


Our Father who reigns in heaven

       Please hear me as I pray,

Teach me to Wisely use your gifts

       And guide me through this day.


Remind my feet to walk with you

       Tell my hands what to do,

Open these eyes that I might see,

       My ears please use for you.


If I endure adversities

       Remind me to use each one

To fill the cup of life in me

       That your will be done.


Oh God, I thank you for this time

       When I can pause in prayer

I thank you for the one

       Who always meets me there.

    My Goal


Deep in the twilights dome

       I take my soul to rest,

There in my fathers home

       Is time I like the best.


In a quiet solitude

       I rest in prayer,

I find refuge

       With my maker there.


I walk the path of mortal

       On this restless earth,

Yet, I walk not by mortal call

       Since I understand my birth.


A goal, yes, my goal;

       As I walk this mortals sod

I would that I could know my soul

       And walk with God.

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