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Poems below are: Living, Spring, Fall, Game Of Life and Created Me.


Did you ever wake up at dawn

Just to listen to a robin's song,

Take a hike over the hills,

Hear the song of whip-poor-wills?


Did you ever in a hammock doze,

Pluck the petals from a rose,

Look up in the true blue sky,

Or watch the clouds go drifting by?


Did you ever watch a river flow,

Wonder where the boats all go,

Throw a pebble into the deep,

Or tread the water with your feet?


Did you ever hear an echo far,

Or wish upon a shooting star,

When a busy day is done,

Enjoy the setting of the sun?


Are you too busy each passing day,

To help a friend along the way?

All of this life will give,

Wake up soul and live.


Mortal souls, beautiful the dawn,

Awaken you have slumbered long,

Listen to the brooklet sing,

Harken sleepy heart, tis spring!


The carpet green upon the lawn,

The singing birds show spring in song,

Trees are almost dressed,

Fresh from their winters rest.


Now flowers stretch their stems

As the warm sun draws them

Up from the earth below,

Whispering, tis time to grow.


The hills and plains are green,

Dancing is the Meadows stream,

Artists try to transform the feel

But paints are dead, natures real.


Breath deeply of the fresh air,

Does it not say that spring is here?

Lift up your lazy souls and sing,

All of nature gives you spring.

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Crunching leaves beneath the feet

The welcomed sight of bittersweet,

Anxious squirrels chatter now

As trees shed their mighty boughs;


Time has been spent much too fast

Fall is here and summer past.


The aroma of a steak fry

Sends the spirit high,

Feel comfort of fires glow

As flames leap to and fro;


Music seems everywhere

Playing softly, autumn is here.


Its nice to take a walk alone

To meditate, call time ones own;

So beautiful our precious land

As nature takes a willing hand;


And with a gentle whispered call

Pleads, come and see I give you fall.



Once within the thoughts of me

      I watched a game of life,

The players were my friends and foe

      And strangers in their strife.


I couldnt see all the game

      My vision was quite dim,

Good and evil, right and wrong

      Seemed to be the rules within.


I saw a player once who found,

      To save the strength of men,

A labor-saving device

      And since it has been.


As man exchanged labor hours,

      To add leisure to his day,

Means of storage was needed

      So money entered along the way.


So much a winner is he

      Who holds the tasks of more

Than those who play it fair

      To win a final score.


I think we will be surprised

      When the game of life is ore,

Good and evil will be booked

      To give or take no more.


Why should it be so important

      To demand the labor of men,

Are we not all Gods children

      And shall one day be called in?


When I am called in from play,

      Tired and seek my rest,

May I find in the scorebook

      I played my very best.



Who created the Mountains,

The rocks and seas?

I know it was God

And He created Me.

(Thank you God)

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