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This panoramic picture below shows how much Ruby enjoyed the great outdoors. She had a great love for nature and loved taking walks in parks and particularly enjoyed Starved Rock State Park near Utica, Illinois.  I remember taking her out to the desert, Red Rock Canyon, late at night when  the moon was directly above.  The moon was so bright that it illuminated the entire canyon.  It was very awe-inspiring for both of us and i know she really enjoyed that moment we shared together. We both were living in LasVegas at the time and it was probably around 1989.  This picture below was taken in the 1950's.

Ruby with a friend enjoying the great outdoors
Ruby at left taking in a beautiful summer day. She loved nature.

Ruby with her Youngest boy Richard. Carl in backg
Baby on bike is listed as Carolyn Ann Ruth's baby.

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  When Ruby was living in Vegas, she and I would visit often. I tried to visit her about two times a week. I always looked forward to visiting because we would get into some pretty deep conversations. The picture below is a classic pose of her seated in a chair. I was glad I made the time to spend with her, but it never was enough. It seems like we, as earth people take our loved ones for granted and we get too selfish with our time. I miss those talks we used to have. She really opened my eyes to many things, and helped me see things more clearly.  I am glad that she has left things behind for us to know her by. I always enjoy reading her poetry and always hear her voice reciting them.  She would often read me her poems.

Ruby was always thinking on a higher level

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