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Poems on this page include: So Close To Me, Sunrise, Treasures Mine, and Walking Home With Jesus.

  So Close To Me


He placed the stars through the sky

       Gathering each within its own,

One He chose for my mortal life

       The others to guide me home.


He made the planets and chose one

       Especially for me

Then supplied it with all my needs

       And so abundantly.


No mortal tongue can tell,

       No earthly eye can see

The depth of love within my soul

       And what God means to me.


So many million things He does

       On earth and in the air

That I never stop to wonder

       If He has heard my prayer.



Beautiful is the sunrise

       To born another day,

I gather a message

       As I watch the rays.


Such splendor and warmth

       Yet, it has not soul;

So powerful is God

       Yet, gently makes me whole.


Who knows what is in a sunrise?

       Materially, oh yes, still,

Did you ever stop to marvel

       How it obeys Gods will?


There is power within the sun

       Mortals live and grow,

Deep within the thoughts of me

       Is God who made it so.

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Treasures Mine


Many years I searched for

       The gold at rainbows end,

Getting some I wanted more

       With no leisure time to spend.


Suddenly the dawning light

       Opened my sleepy eyes,

I saw many treasures bright

       Glistening in the sky.


The world opened as a mine

       With wealth to please a king;

As I seek the more I find,

       Added pleaure it brings.


I took a walk one day

       And held a real live gem

as a neighbor passed my way,

       I caught the smile of a friend.


I had some time to spend

       And so rich the delay,

I heard laughter of children

       While in their play.


I walked on golden leaves,

       Bathed in the suns rays,

My hair caressed by breeze,

       My heart held a day.


Costly jewels bought in a store

       Are mans joy and his pride

But to me precious so much more

       Are the jewels I wear inside.

Walking Home With Jesus


I am walking home with Jesus,

       Our Father sent him for me;

I found him waiting up the trail

       On a hill called calvary.


He gently washed and re-cloaked me,

       Then took me by the hand,

Now silently and so safely

       We walk to the promised land.


I am sure Jesus would like for you

       To ask him for the key

That unlocks the gate of the path

       That leads to eternity.


Lay down burdens of worldly thoughts;

       Kneel at the foot of Gods throne;

Find room to let Jesus come in,

       He will safely walk you home.

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