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The Little People: Page THREE
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Poems on this page include: Paper Hat Soldier, Parents, Sleeping Angel, Pretty Little Miss, and A Tea.
 The poem Paper Hat Soldier was written about her son Daniel(in his late teens at the time) who had joined the forces. 
The Poem: A Tea was written about her daughter Katherine (My Mother!)

Paper-Hat Soldier

He was my paper-hat soldier

With toy gun on his shoulder,

       Marching off to war,

Those dreams in his eyes

Were never denied

       on the playroom floor.


He laughed and he cried

And sometimes he sighed,

       Never to know retreat;

With a victory command

From the battle-land,

       Trample of little feet.


One morning at dawn

A train he got on

       In uniform so neat;

With his head held high

He bid a good-by,

       My soldier of no-retreat.


Deep in my heart

I knew we must part,

       I saw, not a boy, a man;

His eyes held no dreams,

Just a mission it seemed,

       To help guard a foreign land.


Best, life goes on

With no magic wand

       Or to it I would implore,

Give back my soldier

My paper-hat soldier

       For the empty playroom floor.


Parents are really grand

      But Im telling you

Its so hard to understand

      The things they say and do.


If the cookie jar gets down

      Just a little bit

Mom looks up and frowns

      And dad just has a fit.


I do hate to tell a lie

      I did eat one or two

But I am sure that isnt why

      There are so very few.


I've washed dishes, swept the floor

      Cleaned the basement, too,

Ive done a dozen things or more

      And theyre things Im glad to do.


But when company drops in

      To pass the time of day,

It really is a sin,

      They send me out to play.


Thats the part that hurts

      Can you feature that?

Im old enough to work

      But too young to join a chat.


I love my mom and dad,

      Oh, cross my heart I do,

So I will try to understand

      The things they say and do.


Sleeping Angel

Little sleeping angel

      Who calls you from play,

Closes eyes to rest a spell

     At close of the day?


So other angels play with you,

     Is that why you must go?

Have only pleasant things to do;

      You know, I love you so.


Are you the little boy

      Who pulled the kittens tail,

Took the neighbors toy,

      Left that muddy trail?


Was it you who stole the cookies

      Then skipped the evening meal?

Surely, you are not the one

      Who yelled with all your zeal.


I guess it must have been you

      At least you look the same,

I cant believe its true,

      You look so very tame.


God must have made sleep

      Just to erase mothers cares;

Nothing is quite as sweet

      As you, sleeping angel there.

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Pretty Little Miss

Pretty, pretty little miss

       You may go to play,

Give to me a kiss,

       Do have a lovely day.


Shopping at your play store

       In your high heeled shoes,

Return to sweep your floor

       With your little broom.


Your dolly must be dressed

       Then after shes been fed

Put on her night clothes neatly pressed

       And tuck her in bed.


Answer your play phone

       So the dusting baking, too,

Feed your dog a bone,

       Clean your dollys shoes.


There really is so much,

       My dear, all for you

When day is filled with such

       Lovely things to do.

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    A Tea

I was invited to a tea

     Upon a summer day,

It was given just for me

     In a special way.


The cookies were just pretend,

      Little cups held water for tea

And only three invited to attend

      A little girl, her doll and me.


I had been so very tired

      Raising my family

But I was re-inspired

      When I was invited to tea.

Tiny And Starlet

Tiny and starlet are two little elves,

       Happy and quick are they,

Sometimes found on shelves

       In rooms where children play.


Two ears to hear whats good,

       Each little elf, has he,

Their eyes see what they should,

       Look not for bad to see.


As they laugh with delight,

       That is, so Ive been told,

They make toys come to life

       With wands of magic gold.


Beneath the leaves they hide,

       Then run across the ground

To thrill a child out-side

       Who knows they are around.


Tiny and Starlet are they,

       Rather hard to see;

They turn a yard of play

       Into a make-believe.


Changes are made as time goes by

       But may there always be

Children at play and quite close by

       Little elves of fantasy.