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  When my grandmother Ruby lived in Vegas from 88-96  I was able to spend many afternoons with her. We talked about just about everything, from family to world news and spiritual matters.  The sayings and writings below are some of these that I had written down. I remember asking her if she would repeat that so I could write it down.  It was a precious time for me and I will miss it always.  But when I read and think on these thoughts again it brings her back in a way and those memories I have of her.


"It is every persons God-given right to create himself  however he or she wishes."

"One creates himself in his thinking, one has a right to destroy himself in his ill will toward others, but one does not have to accept anothers ill will."

"If one has a glass of poison and he drinks from it, it would be very foolish for you also to drink from it."

"One destroys his spirit, which is himself, when he drinks from the cup of ill will."

"When we leave the planet we stand before God as we have created ourselves. And we alone are the only ones who can create us."

"If one walked into the jungle and ran into a wild animal that was going to devour him, you dont hate the animal but you get away from it."

"It is a violation of Gods laws to try to create another person, you must yourself be the only one to create you."

"You do not have to love all the time, just dont hate."

"If you love God then there should be no person on this earth that you should allow to destroy that love. If one projects ill will toward you and you project it back to them, then you begin to destroy your love you had for God."

"There is no one on this earth worth destroying my love for God."







"One cannot serve two masters for he cannot be complete in his service to two. One cannot serve satan and God, one must choose one or the other. If one serves satan in any way his tree has unclean fruit. Fruit is mans thoughts and deeds and to bear good fruit one must at all times nourish his life (tree) with spiritual food from God through prayer."


"Fame is great but it is short lived. Riches can be lost. They are not wrong. They are like a birthday gift. You use them and enjoy them. One day when you leave this planet you will be given true gifts. Those that we cannot even imagine in our dearest dreams."

"What a honor it is to be able to talk with the one who created the galaxies."

"Live as though yesterday never was, tomorrow will never be, today is forever and this moment is mine to be with God. He is with me through Jesus and the Holy Spirit and no one can part him from me because no one can think for me."


In making bread one must put something in it to make it come to life and make it more so. The Holy Spirit can fill you with life and you will become alive such as you have never known before. All you have to do is ask and believe, be still and know that Jesus is with you always. You cannot earn it. It is a gift to those who love God. The Holy Spirit will give you understanding and wisdom. He will give you strength that you never knew of. You will know the perfect peace that is in the presence of God through Jesus.




 My being; my mind, soul and body is my kingdom. God has created my being and He is the Supreme Master. Though he has given me dominion and kingship over my being, and a freewill to make any decisions for my mind, soul and body. He recommends me to keep my being filled with the things of his Holy Spirit so I may maintain things in order. He has given us his word to nourish on, and his creation to think upon. He only desires positive things coming and going out of my Kingdom, for my very own benefit.

  He has left me with keys to the gates of my kingdom, and these are the precious gateways of the mind. I may with my freewill, choose what to let in or out. If any negative thing knocks, I must keep the gate closed and it must be sent away. If any negative thing is dwelling within my kingdom, it must be discarded. For this being must strive to be acceptable to God at all times.

  The kingdom will stand tall and healthy when positive things flows in and out through the gates of my kingdom, but can be brought down and full of turmoil if there be found negative things dwelling within.



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