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Four poems below: Dandelions, Doggie and Teddie Bear, Naptime, and Often Told To Me.  (Dandelions, my grandmother told me was written about a little girl she observed at lake Mendota picking a dandelion and then giving it to her mother.)

A Dandelion

Just one little dandelion

     Grew by a broken wall;

It seemed to have no purpose

     Yet it grew yellow and tall.


It didnt try being a rose

     Or tulip rich and rare,

It was busy just being

     A dandelion there.


One day a little girl

     Noticed its beauty there,

Picked it and with small hands

     Held it with tender care.


As she gave it to her mother

     With a smile on her face

A beautiful dandelion

     Was serving in its place.

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Doggie And Teddy Bear

Good-morning teddy bear,

     Hello there doggie, too.

You look so lonesome there

     With not a thing to do.


I will take you for a ride

     In my wagon by the sand

If you want to we'll stop by

     To visit my wonder land.


There you can live and play

     You'll like it, wait and see,

We will have fun today

     So please come with me.


Come little teddy bear,

     Little doggie, too,

I will take you with me

     I want to play with you.

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Dandelions in full bloom

Nap Time

Little king of sand land

     Its time for your nap,

Come wash your face and hands,

     Ill take you on my lap.


Leave your castles in the sand

     Your knights will guard them well;

Its time to go to sleepy land

     Where elves and fairies dwell.


Hand me your teddy bear

     And, too, your soldiers cap;

Lets pick up your toy there,

     Its time to take your nap.

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Often Told To Me

What is this youre telling me

      Little dreamer of your play

No one will listen to your tales?

      I will tell you of another day.


A little boy about your age

      Often told this to me,

I have a lion in a cage

      Beside a jungle tree.


In a castle on a golden throne

      I sit in royalty,

I award with precious stones

      My knights for bravery.


My dog saved my life one day

      When an elephant came near,

He barked and scared him away

      Taking away my fear.


Up in a tree I found a horse

      As I sat upon a limb,

We won a race, of course,

      I was so proud of him.


I met an elf, a little one,

      Nice as he could be;

I gave back, just for fun,

      The things he gave to me.


In my boat i have been

     Fishing in a sea;

While swimming in the ocean

      A whale caught up with me.


I fought him with my hands,

      My knife out him in two,

I drug him up on land

And put him in my stew.


Now my little lad,

      I think your tales are grand;

Tell them to me or your dad

      We both will understand.