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A story my grandma told me several times.


I will do my best to remember how this story goes since it has been since 1994 that she last told me about this;

When she attended grade school in Council Bluffs, she would walk to school after her house maid packed her a daily sack lunch. As she walked to school she would pass through a field and if she had time to spare would sit on this huge boulder/rock in the field. Sometimes on the way home from school she would do the same. She told me while sittting on that rock, that one time she was thinking about who she was and looked up to the heavens and said, with a disappointed tone in her voice, "Who Am I? Who created me and why am I here? And, Where are You?" She carried on for a while with these questions directed toward the heavens. Then out of the clear blue sky a flash had struck down right before her much like a bolt of lightning, and she heard a voice say, "I created you and I will always be with you." As a young girl she never forgot that and has told me that numerous times and its always the same.

Now day after day she would stop by the rock, having a new fondness for the place where she had this experience, and sit on it and enjoy the outdoors for a bit before she got home. As long as I can remember she enjoyed spending times by her self. One day she had mentioned in conversation to her dad that she was at the "big rock" in the field. Her dad looked at her, and wanted to know where. He knew that there was a huge rock which had rattle snakes under it and they would cover and swarm the rock much in the sunlight hours. So he quickly told Ruby to get in the car and to show him where she has been enjoying herself sitting in the field. When the car passed along side of the field that contained the huge stone/boulder, she said, "There it is, way over there." Her dad stopped the car and said you cant be sitting over there because that is called rattle snake rock. He brought the car closer and said, "See all those snakes covering that rock?" The snakes were there now and Ruby angrily looked at her father and said, "Thanks dad, you put them there!" Now Ruby didnt actually mean that her father actually gathered up a bunch of rattlers and put them there. She meant that his thoughts had now intervened with her thoughts. When she would go to the rock she always believed a good spirit or God was with her. And God always protected her from harm. She told me she never went to the rock again and sure enough every time she passed by the big rock there were rattlers covering it.

From her book, You, Me and ESP
From chapter entitled; My Life as a Sensitive

Another experience in her life as a sensitive.


When my Grandmother worked at Westclox she had said someone had seen her pulling a large load of supplies on the factory floor. The man came up to her later and asked how she did that. She had mentioned that her guide Jerome had helped her. He knew it was virtually impossible for her to pull and lift that alone. So he was truly amazed.

My Grandmother told me Jerome had helped her many times.




On a Rock Island train from LaSalle to Council Bluffs is where my grandmother had a vision. As this vision appeared to her she scrambled to get a pencil and paper. The vision was a solution to a problem the Westclox factory was having with their line machines which cost the company many thousands of dollars a year. My grandmother clearly seen the diagram in her head as if it was displayed on a TV screen. She had been giving this problem some thought because she was a line head at Westclox and was familiar with the problem. The Westclox company had offered anyone who could come up with a solution to this mechanical problem, a new car and some cash. Ruby had the diagram from her vision all written down now and she turned it in to the main offices when she got back to work on Monday. Westclox of course had to go through many of the ideas that were submitted and that included the ideas submitted by the best mechanics working the factory too.

Well to make a long story short, My grandma won! She got the car and she got some extra cash. You can find a picture of that car in the photo section on this website! She said that the many men who submitted ideas were a bit embarrassed that a woman had won the prize over them.

See Ruby wins Car page!

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