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Poems below are: Angel Of Light, Evening Prayer, Fate, and Grace. (approximately four poems per page)

Angel of Light

Wondering around in my adventurous mind

       Between a dark and dawn,

I entered a place where time and space

       Seemed to lay no claim upon.


I stood within a lighted room

       Yet, no walls could I see,

I felt like an intruder

       Waiting for what was to be.


An angel sat at a desk,

       Light she wore as a cloak,

"What is it you want?" she asked

       As in thought she silently spoke.


I am alone thought I to her

       I have no place to go

My way is lost, I need your light

       But no token can I show.


I do not know who I am:

       Would you help me find my way?

I wear the dusty cloak of man

       My shield is made of clay.


She gathered my thoughts;

       What a beautiful one was she;

Full of grace and love divine

       She wore a smile for me.


As I travel along earths way

       I shall never see half as fair

As the angel of light who wore the smile

       As it lit her golden hair.

Evening Prayer

Father please know me

      As I humbly kneel to pray

Erase the sins I possess

      Give peace at close of day.


If I have not done my best

      In service for you

Forgive me for not hearing

      When told what to do.


Thank you for care you take

      In thought you give to me,

For chains of life that make me strong,

      Your love that sets me free.


When earth life is but an ember

      Within the setting sun

Please accept my love for you

      Through Jesus, Your son.

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If things go wrong for you,

       Luck seems to pass you by,

Just know the things you do

       Are watched by one on high.


Now maybe you cant see

       The purpose of your fate

But it can help you be

       Important a later date.


With His tender care

       God will guide your day,

The conflict you see there

       Are blessings on their way.


You wouldnt have to take

       The detours of life

If you could only make

       Good of your strife.


So do what makes you happy,

       Serve on the side of good

And you will find fate to be

       Just as you wish it would.


We thank Thee for our daily bread

And all the blessings of the day;

Please help the hungry to be fed;

Guide us, Father, along our way.

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